How to select and order proper wood for your projects

Lumber for your table or desk project can come from several sources, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. The local lumberyard is the most obvious supplier, and often the most convenient, but the selection may be limited to construction woods such as pine, spruce, and other softwoods. Though you may find the occasional cache […]

How to Make Trim and Molding

I walked in and I knew within two minutes that this was a quality-built house. It was a modest split-level—-no vaulted ceilings, no spectacular centerpiece. In fact there was nothing “outstanding.” Even the trim was simple and unobtrusive, but a close look around the windows showed precise mitered angles and no sign of nails. It […]

How to Cut Baseboard Molding on the Wall

Most baseboard molding cuts are made before the molding is installed, but occasionally it is necessary to make a cut to installed molding. While removing the entire section of molding from the wall and then cutting and re-installing the molding is an option, it’s not always the most efficient in time or effort. Instead, you […]

How to Cut Wood Baseboard Molding

Installing interior baseboard molding can seem a daunting task when taken as a whole. But in the end, it’s only a matter of a few simple cuts and accurate measurements. While it may take a little practice, cutting wood baseboard molding is the easy part. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, a project that […]