BaseBoard Removal: From the Wall

The process of baseboard removal from a wall is an easy task. All you will need to take to remove the old baseboard, is usually a couple of simple tools such as a hammer and a chisel or a screwdriver and some muscle power.

The best tools for removing baseboard without damaging the wall are usually a hammer and a blunt chisel. With narrower or thinner baseboard, a screwdriver might be better. A thinner screwdriver should fit in between the wall and the baseboard. Another excellent tool for removing baseboard is a putty knife.

If you do use a screwdriver use a regular screwdriver and not a Phillips screwdriver, which has a pointed end. Always make sure that whatever tool you use is not pointed so that you wonít damage the wall or the baseboard too much.

If you have one a rubber mallet will be more effective than a hammer. It wonít damage the handle of the chisel or screwdriver and it can be easier to use.

How to Remove Baseboard without Damaging the Wall
Simply bend down and stick the blunt end of the screwdriver or chisel between the baseboard and the wall. Then tap it with the hammer or the screwdriver until it is between the baseboard and the wall. You can then pull it out much like a lever.

If you donít want to hurt the baseboard you should pull it in small sections at a time. If you just want to get rid of the old baseboard you can pull it all out at once. If you donít care about the wall you could simply use a crowbar but in most cases youíll want to use a chisel or screwdriver because a crowbar can damage the wall.

Some Tips So You Wonít Do Too Much Damage
Always examine a baseboard carefully before you remove it and try to figure out how it is attached to the wall. If the baseboard is nailed on you will probably have to use the chisel and mallet method.

If it is glued on you will have to be very careful because you could easily damage the wall by pulling it off. If youíre very strong itís entirely possible that you could pull pieces of the wall off along with the baseboard if it is glued on.

If the baseboard is screwed on with wood screws it could be possible to remove it by simply unscrewing the screws. This could save you a lot of time and trouble.

Be Careful
Always be very careful when youíre removing baseboard. In particular watch out for electrical outlets which maybe at or just above the level of the baseboard. It might be a good idea to take the covers off of electrical, phone, cable and other outlets before removing baseboard. This way the plastic covers wonít be damaged in your removal efforts.

Another thing to watch out for is carpeting, this could be damaged if youíre not careful. If itís possible it might be a good idea to move the carpet back so it wonít be damaged.

Removing baseboards shouldnít be that hard but take plenty of time to do it because pulling it off too fast could damage the walls. In